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Brochure "Photogrammetry" Ltd
Brochure "Photogrammetry" Ltd

We suggest you read the brochure "Photogrammetry" Ltd, reflecting the various activities of our company. In the brochure you will find complete information about us, the description of our work on the outstanding example of architectural objects, familiar with the technology we use, used in the production tonnage work, as well as our development - software products and solutions.

Download the brochure photogrammetria_ENG.pdf [50.64 Mb] (Downloads: 479) (file in PDF, size 53.1 MB, updated 10.21.2010). To view the use of Adobe Reader, which you can download here.

We also offer read our brochure on-line mode.

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  • Architectural measurements
  • Architectural measurements is the main field of our company activity. We suggest the full range of measurement survey, including facade measurements, measurements of inner spaces of the buildings,...
  • Software
  • The development of measurement technologies and specialized software is one of the general activities of our company. Since 2010 “Photogrammetria” Company offers several technologies, which cover...
  • Collective
  • The backbone of the collective are graduates of cartography department of the Saint-Petersburg State Univercity. The youth, vitality and good academic education help our workers to cope with new...
  • Research and Production Company “Photogrammetria” performs comprehensive architectural measurements based on modern technologies of geodesy and photogrammetry. For years the Company stays the leader...
  • Technology of facades measurements by stereophotogrammetric method in AutoCAD
  • Components: 1) calibrated digital camera 2) Coordinate Transformer software 3) PhotoTransformator Universal software 4) module StereoTracer for AutoCAD We calibrate a digital camera on our own test...

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