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Dr. Alexander E. Woynarowski
Research and Production Company “Photogrammetria” performs comprehensive architectural measurements based on modern technologies of geodesy and photogrammetry. For years the Company stays the leader in this area in Saint-Petersburg.

The core of “Photogrammetria” team consists of highly qualified surveyors, photogrammeters, and programmers with over ten years of experience in a field of architecture, reconstruction, and restoration of buildings.

The company team was formed on a base of the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics at Saint-Petersburg State University which conducts research in architectural photogrammetry since 1998. Many members of the Company have graduate degrees and some of them perform research at Saint-Petersburg State University. Such a combination of scientific research with production allows us to keep a lead of the technologies and establishing standards in the area of architectural measurements for years.

• In 1998-1999 we developed the novel application of the technology of ground-based stereophotogrammetry and measured facades of scores of buildings using our own methods. It became a rebirth of the architectural photogrammetry in Saint-Petersburg which had become virtually nonexistent in the course of the last ten years.

• Since 2000 we have been the first who implemented tachymetry as a main method of measurements of building interiors for making floor plans and vertical sections.

• In 2003 we were among the first in Russia to develop and arrange the technology of photogrammetric calibration of digital cameras.

• Since 2004 we are the first to use digital cameras and digital photogrammetry methods for measurements of facades, interiors, and monuments.

• Since 2007 we are the first to begin to use highly productive 3D phase laser scanners that opened new potential for the fixation and measurement of architectural objects.

• Since 2008 “Photogrammetria” develops and improves combined photogrammetric and LIDAR methods of fixation and measurements of architectural objects.

• Since 2010 we research the process of automatic compilation of measurement documentation.

By present time the Company has performed measurements and fixation of about 140 objects including such remarkable ones as:

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral (Peter and Paul Fortress), the Konstantinovsky Palace (Strelna, Berezovaya alley 3), the Bolshoy Menshikovsky Palace (The State Museum-Preserve Oranienbaum), the Eastern Wing of the General Staff building (Palace Square 6/8), Tovstonogov Bolshoy Drama Theatre (Fontanka River Embankment 65, lit. A, B), Middle Trading Stalls (Moscow, Red Square 5), the building complex on the New Holland Island, the Passage and Komissarzhevskaya Theatre (Nevsky Prospect 48; Italyanskaya St. 17-19), the Palace and Park Ensemble “Mikhailovskaya Dacha” (Petrodvorets, St-Peterburgskoe shosse 109), the Winter Palace (Palace Square), the Chinese Palace (The State Museum-Preserve Oranienbaum), Ekaterininsky Palace (The State Museum-Preserve Tsarskoye Selo), the Monument to Nikolay I (Isaac’s Square), Nikolsky Morskoy Cathedral (Kronstadt), Voznesensky Military Cathedral (Novocherkassk), and others.

Architectural measurements are the main activity of “Photogrammetria” Company. We offer comprehensive measurements of facades and interiors. We produce various measured drawings performed in the united system of coordinates and heights. Our specialists have over 10-year experience gained in work on over 100 objects.

Modern technologies and high degree of professionalism are the guarantee of successful results. We are proud of respect and trust of the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks and the main Saint-Petersburg design and restoration companies.

Today “Photogrammetria” Company has unique technical capabilities based on a combination of LIDAR and photogrammetry for 3D fixation of architectural objects. Such a combination allows us to obtain accurate colored 3D models of objects and highly precise ortho-photos. These 3D models and ortho-photos show object’s geometry and its true colors. Fixation can be performed in any scale (including 1:1 scale) with specified accuracy and resolution.

Since 2009 “Photogrammetria” Company presents itself as a developer and a vendor of software and technologies of measurement works in architecture. We developed followed software:

Coordinate Transformer – tachymetry of architectural objects data processing;

PhotoTransformator – images photogrammetric processing;

StereoTracer – measurements of facades and interiors in AutoCAD using methods of stereophotogrammetry;

ScanIMAGER – ground-based LIDAR data processing.

These program packages are intended for architectural tasks and have appropriate interface. They can be used independently and in complex with the measurement equipment as well.

The Company distributes software, provides training and technical support.

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