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20-10-2011, 16:16. : admin
The development of measurement technologies and specialized software is one of the general activities of our company. Since 2010 “Photogrammetria” Company offers several technologies, which cover almost all the tasks in architectural measurements field.


ScanIMAGER 2.1 – the software for work with point clouds obtained with different 3D laser scanners. The unique feature of this software is the ability to visualize huge amount of points (tens of billions!) and their colors that allows to represent discrete data as a 3D model. The program has necessary tools for scan registration, taking measurements, creating profiles, calculating squares and volumes of scanned objects.

ScanIMAGER can be successfully used in those areas where LIDAR data are used (architectural measurements, geodesy, engineering etc.) As the program can process huge amount of points, there is no need in subsampling and cutting of original data.


ScanIMAGER Ortho 2.1 – the module of ScanIMAGER, but also can works as an independent application. ScanIMAGER Ortho is intended for simultaneous processing of LIDAR and photogrammetric data. It allows to create high-resolution ortho-photos and custom point cloud projections, and color point clouds by digital images. It has special tools for ortho-photo editing.

The main areas of ScanIMAGER Ortho use are architecture and restoration. The software allows to create unique-quality materials of objects fixation.


PhotoTransformator Professional 3.3 – the software for single photo photogrammetric processing. The program provides instruments for camera calibration, distortion correction, image transformation, and creating photo mosaic. PhotoTransformator has user friendly interface, clear for both photogrammeters and specialists in other areas as well.

PhotoTransformator is used in architectural photogrammetry for measurements of facades and interiors, facades certification, photo fixation of architectural objects. The program can be used independently or in combination with the module StereoTracer.

StereoTracer for AutoCAD 1.2 – the stereophotogrammetric module of PhotoTransformator. StereoTraces is intended for measurements of building facades by methods of stereophotogrammetry. This software integrates in AutoCAD, where you can upload referenced images and make stereophotogrammetric measurements with simultaneously drawing and creating 3D models. As you upload transformed images the necessary measurements are minimal.

StereoTracer is applied for:
- facades measurements
- interior measurements
- facades certification

This method is the most effective for measurements of facades and simple interiors.


Coordinate Transformer 2.4 – the software for math processing of tachymetry data with architectural measurements specification. This software performs all the important functions, which make applying of tachymetry the most effective. Coordinate Transformer is the powerful instrument for spatial data processing combining strict mathematical operations with high-quality automatic calculation and control.

Coordinate Transformer is applied for:
- architectural measurements (floor plans and vertical sections making)
- architectural photogrammetry
- engineering geodesy
- mine survey
- surveying in built up areas